Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex – A Robust and Accurate Body Composition Scale

Taylor 5728f Bow BowflexWith regular and athlete modes, this Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body composition monitor has all the features you need to analyze and keep track of your progress in any workout or fitness program.

Great looking design with toughened black glass and stainless steel, Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body monitor provides precise measurements of your weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass percentages to 0.01%.

It has a 1.5 inch LCD dual line display that shows body composition readings in bold so they are easily read without bending over for a closer look.

My sister is heavily built, a full body woman as she will joking refer herself, but even her has not managed to break the 400 pound weight limit of the Taylor Bow Bowflex 5728f.  It is a scale for multiple users, with the ability to measure and store individual body composition readings for up to 4 persons.  And for workout junkies and serious athletes, the athlete mode has a full set of workout program to guide and motivate you.

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Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Monitor Features

What you get with Taylor Bow Bowflex

Reliability and accurate readings of your body composition data is what you want in any monitor or scale, and that is assured with a Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex full Body composition monitor. You will also get a monitor that is stylish in design to enhance your bathroom or home gym decor. Here are other benefits of the Taylor Bow Bowflex monitor:

  • Accurate weight, body fat and body water measurements to 0.01%
  • Same accuracy for your Muscle Mass measurements
  • Durability is assured with a robust design in toughened glass and stainless steel
  • It has a heavy duty weight capacity up to 400 pound to cater for various body profiles
  • The scale can be used by up to 4 separate users with personalised data stored for easy recall and tracking in fitness programs
  • The athlete mode has a full range of workout programs that will impress professional athletes
  • Taylor Bowflex 5728F is light weight, the size of a normal bathroom scale and measures 12 x 1.5 x 12 inches, weighing 4 pounds
  • The design is stylish and is backed with a 5 years manufactures warranty

How much Should you Pay for Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Monitor?

And Where to Get a Good Deal

Some of the best deals on Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Composition Monitor are available from online stores like Amazon. The list price is just under $70, but the price can vary widely from one store to the other.  At the time of writing this review, Amazon has a very good deal on the scale, with over 40% discount, and selling at just under $40.

Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Water Body Fat with Regular and Athlete Mode 400-Pounds
Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body Water Body Fat with Regular and Athlete Mode 400-PoundsCheck Today's Price
The scale is also shipped for free, if you shop with Amazon’s Super Saver option, which can make it cheaper than other online stores.

Taylor 5728f Bowflex Body Monitor Consumer Reviews

What others are saying

Beautifully designed with a wide range of functions and at a moderate price, the Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex Body monitor has mixed review on Amazon, but you will find that it is highly rated by majority of customers who have bought and used the scale.

Here are my random pick of some of the consumer comments:

  • Taylor 5728f  Bow Bowflex is what the doctor ordered if you are serious about monitor your body fat, muscle mass and water %
  • Quality of the product works better than expected compared to other past products and looks great!
  • It has on screen self guided setup for age, height and gender whether you are an athlete or not
  • It stores memory for four people—great for family competition! There you go
  • The LCD display flashes too fast for tired eyes one consumer has observed. Do I dare say see your optician! I did not notice this observation on my sister’s Taylor 5728f body composition scale, but that may be true for this particular user.

Overall, Taylor Bowflex 5728f Body Composition Monitor is a great body measurement analyser and scale that will satisfy the need of a wide range of users,  especially if you are looking for an accurate and stylish Body composition monitor.

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Any Major Complaint about Taylor Bowflex 5728f Bow Bowflex

Some users did question the reliability of the readings they got from the scale, observing that it does fluctuate for them, within short intervals of taking the readings.

One important thing I would like to point out, and this applies to most body composition scales that use BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to achieve precision measurements; there are specific conditions to observe when using the scale, otherwise it will not perform as specified.

The popular EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale also uses the BIA measurement technology. Accurate and repeatable readings are achieved with BIA measuring scales, if you step on the scales bare footed, dry, and wearing light cotton apparel. Better results still, if you step on a BIA scale with nothing on! That, I have heard from others experience with Taylor 5728f Bow Bowflex.

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