Tanita BC554 Ironman Review

Tanita BC554 Ironman Body ScaleThe Tanita BC 554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor is at the top end of comprehensive body monitors that allows anyone keen on health lifestyle to analyse, track and stay on top of a fitness plan.

Folks like you and me, and professional athletes use the Tanita BC 554 at home at home to achieve their fitness goals.

Tanita BC554 will analyze your weight, body fat & water percentages, bone mass, metabolic age and also rate your level of fitness.

The size of a normal bathroom scale, Tanita BC554 is simple to setup in easy to follow steps. Enter your gender, age, weight, height and you are ready to go. Hop on the scale, and the monitor will delight you with accurately analyzed data displayed on a 2.25 inch LCD screen.

If you are looking for a body monitor that will keep your diet and fitness program on track, Tanita BC554 Ironman full body monitor is definitely one of the elite monitors to consider. The modern and stylish glass design will add glamour to your bathroom décor.

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Features of Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Scale

What you get with Tanita BC554 Ironman

Some Body fat scales have just the basic features, and will only give your weight, body fat and body water percentages. The Tanita BC554 Ironman full body composition monitor will give you not just the basic data, but all other body composition readings previously available only to health professionals.

  • The size of a normal bathroom scale, Tanita BC554 Ironman measures 13 x 2 x 12 inches and weighs 9 pounds
  • Good size 2.25 inch LCD display that boldly shows the readings
  • Accurately measures your weight, body fat and body water percentages
  • The muscle mass feature indicates the weight of muscle in your body
  • Metabolic Age reading compares your BMR to the average age associated with that level of metabolism
  • The Tanita BC554 Ironman will also indicate your level of fitness to help you keep up with your execise goals
  • Stores individual body composition data for up to four persons for easy recall
  • It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Tanita BC554 is backed by Tanita’s 10-year warranty


Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Monitor Video

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Customer Reviews of Tanita BC554 Ironman

The Pros, Cons from Customer Feedbacks

With over 130 consumer reviews on Amazon, the Tanita BC554 Ironman is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. The majority of consumers love the body monitor for its accuracy and ease of use. The advance features not available in other body composition monitors also makes it a popular choice.

Here are some of the consumer comments about the Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Monitor on Amazon:

  • The accuracy is amazing and actually is showing me to be an entire half pound less than my personal trainers gym ..
  • Recommend the scale to anybody who is seriously interested in fitness …
  • It is FDA approved and used in hospitals and this re-assuring to comsumers
  • Some find the setup confusing, but that was before they read the manual!
  • We purchased this scale after extensive research. We found it to be a great benefit to any lifestyle plan

What I found in my reviews of customer feedbacks is that overwhelming mojority are very satisfied  with the performance of Tanita BC554 Ironman compared with other scales they have used in the past.


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