Lime Green Kettles – Stylish and Decorative

The natural and bright color of a lime green kettle can add to the relaxing ritual of brewing a tasty tea or coffee. Choose from a selection of stylish designs that pop eyes, and stand out on kitchen counters. Lime green kettles are available in stove top or electric kettles that can boil hot water… Continue Reading »

Best Red Tea Kettles

Start your tea time with an invitingly bright and cheerful red tea kettle. Red is a bold color that sends strong message about your personality. So why not have it around you all the time in a red tea kettle that will also enhance your kitchen decor. Wouldn’t it be nice and soothing, anytime you… Continue Reading »

kitchen Canister Sets

  Kitchen Canister Sets – For Counter Tops | Dinner Tables | Food Storage Looking for Kitchen Canister Sets in a particular color, stainless steel, vintage, glass, tin, or ceramic? These arrays of canisters will save you time shopping around and help your buying decision. Over the ages, Canisters Sets have remained popular as an… Continue Reading »

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Keep paper towels within easy reach with magnetic holders that do not require tools to install. A magnetic paper towel holder can be attached to the sides of your fridge, stove, grill or any kitchen appliance with metal surface. Use it to free up space on your kitchen top, the traditional spot for rolls of… Continue Reading »

Purple Tea Kettles

Purple tea kettles are very attractive and stand out on kitchen counter tops. Why buy any tea kettle when you can choose from many affordable kettles in your favorite purple color. They are available in encapsulated stainless steel that heats water quickly, or in classic durable ceramic construction. You can use them on gas or… Continue Reading »

Remote Meat Thermometer – Cooking from a Distance

These popular Remote Meat Thermometers will monitor internal temperature of meat in your oven, smoker or BBQ, and send you alerts when it is well cooked and ready to serve. You could be out in your garden, living room, or even a lot further away from your cooking spot, so long as you carry the… Continue Reading »