Remote Meat Thermometer – Cooking from a Distance

Talking Meat Thermometer

A Talking Meat Thermometer

These popular Remote Meat Thermometers will monitor internal temperature of meat in your oven, smoker or BBQ, and send you alerts when it is well cooked and ready to serve.

You could be out in your garden, living room, or even a lot further away from your cooking spot, so long as you carry the wireless meat temperature receiver, you will be able to check and monitor the internal temperature of the meat on digital LCD screen as it cooks.

I like the convenience of being able to cook from a distance that remote meat thermometers offer, and some of the best have the ability to alert you either with beeps, flashing light or vibration when the meat has cooked to your taste.

If you stray beyond the range of the monitor, a message pops up to let you know. There is no need to hang around the Grill or Oven checking when dinner is ready. You can be sure that your meal will not be over or under cooked again with a wireless digital meat thermometer.

Remote meat thermometers are suitable for steak, lamb, turkey, hamburger, veal, chicken, fish or pork, and having seen my brother show off with a wireless meat thermometer in his Garden BBQ party, I have researched and purchased a good one. I hope the selections I have on this page will help your buying decision.

Why Cook With Recommended Internal Meat Temperatures?

To cook the perfect rare, medium or well done meat every time and get it right, it is important

to know and cook by recommended internal meat temperatures. Going by cooking time in recipe books with all the variables that go into cooking will often lead to trial and errors.


A Top Rated Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer

Long range, dual probe and high a customer satisfaction

Maverick ET732 Long Range Wireless Dual 2 Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set With DB-Tech Meat Temperature Magnet Guide price
Maverick ET732 Long Range Wireless Dual 2 Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer

Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 Stars in online customer satisfaction reviews, the Maverick ET732 Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer has the a very favorable feedback from buyers, and this may not surprise you after reading all the good features packed into the meat thermometer.

As a dual probe meat thermometer, it measures both the internal temperature of the meat and the heat level in the oven, grill or smoker. This combination of features results in meat that is cooked to the tenderness and taste you prefer. One probe is inserted inside the meat and can go as deep as 6 inches, and the other probe is attached inside the oven or grill.

The Maverick ET732 remote meat temperature receiver has a range of 300ft, so whether you are relaxing with a drink in your living room, or chilling out far back in your garden while the meat is cooking, the receiver will beep and flash to alert you when your meat is done and ready. You can use it to cook perfect steak, turkey, hamburger, veal, chicken, fish, pork, and lamb.

Other great features that make the Maverick Remote ET-732 Smoker Thermometer popular include:

* Wireless receiver has LCD screen that displays meat temperature, and alerts when meat is cooked as you programmed.
* The receiver has LCD back light that makes it easy to read at night
* Has a timer that counts up or down
* Meat and oven temperature are displayed up to 572°F
* You can use the Remote Receiver with its belt clip or a built in stand.
* The food probe wire can be inserted up to 6 inches deep inside meat.
* Meat and Oven probes wires are robust and heat resistant to 716°F
* The Maverick Wireless Remote ET-732 Meat Thermometer can be used in a Grill, Oven or Smoker.


Wireless Meat Thermometer for iPhones – iPads – and Android Phones

Displays food temperature and cooking profile on your smart phones

iDevices iGrill Grilling/Cooking Barbecue Thermometer with Dual Probe Check Today’s Price on Amazon
iDevices iGrill Grilling and Cooking Barbecue Thermometer with Dual Probe for Smart Phones.

The iGrill integrate Remote wireless food temperature monitoring on your smarts phones, setting you free hanging about the Oven, Smoke or Grill as meal is cooking.

iGril Remote temperature monitor works with all versions of iPhones, iPads, and any smart phone running Android Ver 2.2 or greater.

While you seat back relaxing in your backyard or anywhere within the 200ft range of the iGril, the internal temperature of meat that is being cooked is monitored wirelessly via Bluetooth connection on your Smart phone. Cooking is controlled by free downloadable App that is packed with various fun cooking functions.

Other great features of the iGril wireless Bluetooth Remote Meat Thermometer includes:

* Works with all versions of iPhone, iPad and Android phones running Ver 2.2 or greater.
* Has multi-probe for cooking and can be used as Stand-alone thermometer
* Built-in storage for probe
* Touch illumination control
* Bluetooth range of 200 ft plus
* Temperature option that lets you set an alert so you know when your meat reaches temperature you want.
* Time remaining for your food to be perfectly cooked is displayed for you to get dinner table ready.


A Selection of the Best Wireless Remote Meat Thermometers

With high customer satisfaction from real online buyers

We know that Wireless Remote Meat Thermometers give you the freedom to stay away from your Grill, Oven or Smoker, and roam around your house multi-tasking or simply just relaxing with the remote temperature monitor clipped unto your clothing or placed nearby. But do you know the best wireless food temperature monitor to purchase?

These are popular remote food temperature monitors that customers have purchased, and are very satisfied with their performance. Their customer satisfaction rating online are no lower than 4.3 out of 5.0 Stars. The remote meat thermometers have been hand picked to help you narrow to narrow your search for a good wireless meat thermometer. And if you are still not sure what to buy, read the review of my #1 choice below.

Maverick ET732 Long Range Wireless Dual 2 Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set With DB-Tech Meat Temperature Magnet Guide
Maverick ET732 Long Range Wireless Dual 2 Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer. Up to 300ft range.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbeque Thermometer
Oregon Scientific Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven and Barbeque Thermometer. Verbal/audio alerts.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer
Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer with belt clip for added freedom and a range of 300-ft.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set - Maverick ET732
Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set – Monitors barbecue temp. Receiver beeps and flashes alerts.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Maverick ET-7 Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes
Maverick ET-7 Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes. Can monitor two types of food at once.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings
RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer with Taste Settings to monitor doneness displayed on LCD screen.Check Today’s Price on Amazon


Wireless Remote Meat Thermometers that Talks

Talking thermometer to thrill your guests

A Talking Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer is a cool kitchen gadget, and can really impress when you are cooking for guests. Some have the option to display and talk in 5 different languages , and will alert you when your food is done in a language of your choice. Beat that for a coolness factor!

You still have the options to set meat temperature displays and alerts as beeps, or vibration, or flashing light. These are my top 3 that may help you make the best decision when buying a talking remote digital meat thermometer.

Oregon Scientific AW131BLR Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer
Oregon Scientific Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven and Barbeque Thermometer. 5 language options.

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer
Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer. A voice prompt alerts you when meat is cook and ready


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