Over the Door Towel Racks

InterDesign York Lyra Over The Door Rack

Split Bronze 4 Hooks Door Rack

How would you like extra hanging space either for storing or drying out your towels?

This Over the Door Towel Rack is a great choice for organizing towels in bathrooms, out of sight in storage airing cupboards, and in any small and even large rooms where you want things kept neat and tidy.

I purchased my first over the door towel rack when my kids started dropping towels and robes all over the floor, and leaving me to pick up after them. I got tired of yelling and figured out lack of space was the problem and bought one with bar and hooks for the bathroom. And what a big difference this has made. Everyone now has a spot to hang and air their towels with extra space for robes.

I loved how my bathroom towel rack has help me organize and keep towels within easy reach so much that I decided to buy more for the kids’ rooms, and the clothes storage cupboard.

The racks over my kids’ bedroom doors have been put to many uses – towels, robes, clothes, necklaces, belts and whatever kids are up to can be found hanging on the racks. So long as the stuffs are not laying on the floor, that is good enough for me! Another good thing about over the door rack is that no fixing or tool is required – don’t like them on one door, simply move and hang them on another.

You could also benefit from how an Over the Door Towel Rack has helped me and my family save space, keep stuff tidy, knowing we can find our towels and robes where we kept them.  To help you make a good choice, I have some practical and great selections of popular towel hanging racks on this page for you.

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Top 3 Over the Door Towel Racks

You will find some great towel racks on Amazon, but these are the top 3 over the door racks buyers are most pleased with, and have given a 4 star or above in customer satisfaction. The sturdy, stylish construction, and practical use to hang and organize your towels and clothes are some of the attractions for customers.

I particularly like the OXO rack with spring steel on the hook to accommodate doors of different sizes. It also has bumpers that prevent scratches on doors.

OXO Over-the-Door Towel Rack
#1 – OXO Over the Door Towel Rack with 3 large Capacity Towel bars. Non-slip bumpers protect doors.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

InterDesign Classico Over-The-Shower-Door Towel Rack 3 Bronze
#2 – InterDesign Classico Over The Shower Door Towel Rack with 3 bars and hooks ┬áthat Saves Bathroom Space.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

InterDesign Bruschia Over-the-Door Rack Brushed Chrome
#3 – InterDesign Bruschia Door Rack in Chrome. Six hooks and not mounting required. Great for Rooms.Check Today’s Price on Amazon


Over the Door Shower Rack with Shelf

Zenith 7803SS Bathstyles Over Shower Door Caddy – Chrome

Zenith 7803SS Bathstyles Over Shower Door Caddy

Shower Door Caddy with Large Shelves

For medium to large sized bathrooms and showers, this over the door storage shelves is ideal for putting all those beauty bottles, soap, hand towels and all other shower essentials together. I would not recommend one this big in a small shower as it will make the shower even tighter, but I would certainly consider using one if my bathroom is spacious enough.

The shelves are movable so you can adjust the storage, and arrange stuffs the way you like to reach them. It comes in a durable rust-free chrome finish that will match most bathroom decors.

Other Features of Zenith Over-the-Shower Door Caddy:

  • 3 large shelves with generous storage space
  • Hangs over shower doors or tub enclosures with no fixing or tool required
  • Measures 11.8″ x 23″ x 8.6″
  • Shelves can be moved and adjusted to your storage needs
  • It includes holders for your razor, soap dish and hooks

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