Omron HBF 514C Full Body Scale

Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor and Scale

Full Body Composition Scale – Omron HBF-514C

Omron HBF 514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor and Scale is reviewed in detail to show you why it is the top choice for users when researching which full body composition monitor to purchase.

Stylishly designed and manufactured with clinical specification, the Omron HBF 514C Body Fat and Composition Monitor is equipped with advanced sensors that will provide you with accurate readings of your whole body.

Omron HBF 514C will provide you with vital body measurements previously only available at a medical facility with expensive instruments. At the leisure and convenience of your home, you are now able to accurately measure your body fat and water percentages, body mass index, Skeletal Muscle %, Body Age, Resting Metabolism, Visceral fat level and much more.

Backed with the reputation of Omron as a leading medical equipment manufacturer, Omron HBF 514C Full Body Composition Monitor is very popular with consumers serious about accurately measuring and keeping track of progress of their fitness program.

A Closup View of Omron HBF 514C Full Body Monitor

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Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor and Scale

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Features and Benefits of Omron HBF-514C Body Monitor

What you get with Omron HBF-514C

The accuracy and precision previously available only in expensive hospital equipment is what Omron has packed into the HBF-514C. These are some of the benefits you will get with the monitor:

  • As accurate and reliable as very expensive Body composition monitors used in hospitals
  • 6 sensors to provide a whole body composition reading – 4 sensors for your feet, and 2 for your hands
  • Will precisely measure 7 fitness indicators including your weight, body fat and water percentages, Bone Mass Index (BMI), Muscle Mass, Body Age, Visceral fat level
  • Can be used by multiple users and will individually store and recall the data, plus a guest mode
  • Heavy duty capacity but Light weight at 4.7 pounds
  • The size of a normal bathroom scale, the Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition monitor measures 13 x 12 x 2.2 inches
  • Has a low power consumption – uses 4 standard AA batteries that can last up to a year at normal use
  • Large LCD display on the hand unit that allows your body composition readings to be viewed easily
  • The Omron HBF-514C Body Composition monitor is stylishly designed to compliment your bathroom decor


Omron HBF-514C Video Demo

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What Customers are Saying About Omron HBF 514C

What real users think

Consumers are raving about the Omron HBF 514C in reviews online, particularly on Amazon where it is rated 4 out of 5 stars. The precision in measurements and stylish design is very pleasing to most consumers.

Users love and would recommend the monitor. Here are some of the pros and cons from consumer reviews:

  • You will be excited at your purchase; the Body Monitor does more than tell you how much you weigh
  • One consumer observed that the Omron HBF-514C is worth more than he paid for it! Will he give some money back? I bet not!
  • A consumer purchased it for use with patients in a wellness clinic and gave it 5 stars
  • It is portable, light weight and travels with me everywhere
  • Another observation is that you cannot transfer your data to a PC for analysis. If you really need that level of deep Body Composition analysis there are more expensive monitors that will do that
  • It not recommended for persons with a medical implant such as pacemakers because it uses electrical impulses in it measurement that may interfere with medical implants

Omron HBF-514C is an all-round body composition monitor that will serve the whole family.


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