K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion

petsafe heated bedLooking for the best heated pet bed for your pooch or cat? Check out the stylish K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion.

It is designed with a lowered front to give easy access to even the smallest pets, and thermo cuddle cushion that locks in warmth at the right level, the Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion is a popular choice for pet owners.

The super soft cushion can be easily removed for cleaning, or used separately without the Thermo-Pet heating system.

If you are looking for a heated pet bed that will not only kept your dog or cat cozy and comfortable in cold weather, but add glamour to your living space, the K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion will not disappoint you.

Large Closeup of K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion

And how much will it cost?

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K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion

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Features to Expects in K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion

And they delivers warmth and comfort

  • Measures 23 x 7 x 14 inches and is light weight
  • Has removable cusion that makes it easy to clean
  • Cushion can be used seperately without the Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion heating system
  • It has a lowered front providing easy access for smaller pets
  • Comes with super soft cushion for your pet’s maximum comfort
  • Uses low voltage that will save you money on energy bill
  • It is suitable for small to medium sized cat or dog
  • The Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion has a sylish design that will compliment your decor


Video Demo of K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion

Watch the Dog Loving it!

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Customer Satisfaction Feedbacks of K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion

What Consumers Are Saying

The K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon by pet owners. Pets, dogs and cats alike love the warmth and comfort the heated bed provides, and pet owners are raving about it on Amazon.

Here are some of what pet owners are saying about the K&H Thermo Pet Cuddle Cushion:

  • I use the K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion in the garage for my outside cat and it keeps the cat comfortably warm on cold nights. Great purchase!
  • The three sides of the heated bed are about 7 inches high and offer security and something pets cozy up to
  • Nice design, and the heated cushion is easily lifted so you can dust-vac the dog cookie crumbs and all
  • I have two cats and they love this bed, they are always sleeping in it!
  • A consumer who purchased the K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion for “porch” cats did not find the bed warm enough. Be aware though this heated pet bed is recommended for indoor use only
  • Another pet owner bought it for their ageing cat who loved it so much the neighbours all purchased one for their pets

The K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion heated pet bed is a popular choice with pet owners. If you are thinking of buying one, head to Amazon and read more comments from satisfied customers.


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