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Reviews of the Best Induction Cooktops.

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

Amazon Best Seller

Still searching for an induction cooktop? With the ever increasing cost of gas and electricity, you should join many that are switching over to the most efficient and safe method of cooking.  After reading these reviews, you will be convinced of the benefits induction cooking, and hopefully make your switch.

Induction cooking is increasingly popular because it is proven to be 90% energy efficient. Most of the heat from induction cooktop is delivered directly to the cookware and used for cooking, unlike gas and electric cookers where only about 55% and 65% of the energy is used respectively.

You will enjoy faster cooking with electric induction cookers because the heat used in cooking is generated in the cookpots or pans. This eliminates the energy wasted in transferring heat from gas or electric elements to cookwares, leaving the cooking surface of an induction cooker not in contact with the cookware cool to touch.

Portable induction cooktop reviews

For large or small kitchen tops & small cooking areas

If you would like the ability to move your cooker around or have limited space in your kitchen, a portable induction cooker will serve you well. They are available in single and double burners with small to large cooking surfaces that will take a wide range of cook pots and pans. They are also a good choice for student dorms, caravans or as a backup for your main cooker.

The designs are sleek and eye catching and will look really cool in any kitchen or table top. We have reviewed some of the highly rated portable induction cookers to help you make the best buying decision.


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC
DUXTOP Light weight and compact single burner induction cooktop. 200 – 1800 watts 10 power levels with Auto-pan detection & digital control panel.

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8300ST
DUXTOP compact light weight induction cooktop. Powerful single burner with 10 level control from 200 – 1800 watts. Digital touch sensor control and child safety lock with auto-pan detection.

BergHOFF Single Touch Screen Induction Cook Top
BergHOFF Single touch screen induction cooktop with LCD display. Portable and easy to store. Heats up instantly with up to 150 minutes timer and dual cooking functions – cooks & warms.

True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner- Energy Efficient S2F2
True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner is a portable cook top that lets you do more with 1800 watts power, timer and precision temperature control. Sleek design, heats up quickly and easy to use.

BergHOFF Double Touch Screen Induction Cook Top
This BergHOFF is a double burner induction cooktop with dual touch screen, 1800 watts power and adjustable output temperature of 150 – 450F. Easy to clean glass top

True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop (P3D)
A True Single burner induction cooktop with 1600 watts powrer rating, exact temperature control and timer. Light weight, easy to clean and store with large cooking surface for big pots and pans.


Induction cooktop with single burner

Compact & can be used anywhere


BergHOFF Single Touch Screen Induction Cook TopBergHOFF Single Touch Screen Induction Cook Top

This is your ideal cooker for small apartments, dorms or as emergency cooker. The BergHOFF Single burner Touch Screen Induction Cook Top is has the highest customer rating on Amazon at the time of this review. Rated rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars, customers like the solid and quality construction and how simple it is to use.

The ability to set precise cooking temperature and timer that leaves you to do other things are other features you will like.

The cooktop will automatically turn off if a suitable induction cookware is not detected on the surface, which is a great safety feature for any home.

Other great features you will find in the BergHOFF Single burner induction cooker are:
* Sleek and elegant design that will turn eyes
* Compact and easy to store, or setup in small cooking spaces on your kitchen or table top.
* Cook and warm dual function
* Easy to read LCD screen that displays all status messages or warnings
* Instant heat up
* shatter resistant tempered glass surface that is easy to clean

Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction on Amazon when I wrote this review, it is highly recommended by many that have used the cooktop. The only complaint was from a customer that received a faulty cooktop that failed to switch on when delivered. The cocktop was however promptly replaced by trusted Amazon customer service.



2 Burner Induction Cooktop

Excellent when you are cooking different meals at once


True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner- Energy Efficient S2F2True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner & Energy Efficient

2 burner induction cooktops go one step better than a single burner. But unlike most double burner induction cooktops that will split the power capacity equally (50-50) between the burners, the True 2 burner induction cooktop automatically distributes its 1800 watts power to the burners as required by the temperature you set. This makes it possible to use the full power capacity of a True induction cooktop at anytime.

The True double burner induction cooktop is not cheap, but what you get is a top quality cooktop and real value for money with the following:
* Sleek and elegant design to complete the beauty of your kitchen top
* Instant heat-up & quick response to heat level adjustment
* Built with one solid piece of glass without separating gaps, making it easy to clean.
* 1800 watts power that is automatically distributed between burners as required.
* Timer and exact temperature control, for optimal cooking.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction on Amazon at the time of this review, this is possibly the best 2 burner induction cooktop in its class.

The one reservation a customer has is that the cooktop splits its power unequally. But this is what it is designed to do, so you can get over 50% power on a burner when using both, unlike other induction cooktops where you only get 50-50 power split no matter your power setting when using both burners.



How Induction Cookers Save you Energy
* Your cooking pan or pot is the element and source of heat.

* Food is heated faster resulting in less cooking time.

* Less electricity is used and less heat wasted.

Reviews of 30 inch induction cooktops

More cooking zones for faster cooking

30 inch induction cooktops are the ideal family size cooktops to replace the traditional 4 burner electric or gas cooktops and ranges in most homes. Our reviews of 30″ induction cook tops reveal that most of the popular cooktops in this class come with 4 cooking zones and some manufacturers have a bridge design that will combine two cooking zones or induction elements that allows you to cook with larger pans, pots and griddle – a very good features when entertaining or cooking large family meals.

Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30 Black Electric Induction Cooktop
Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30 Black Electric Induction Cooktop with 4 Cooking Zones, Powerful 3600 Watt Element, SpeedBoost, CountDown Timer, and much more

Miele : KM5753 30 Touch Control Induction Cooktop - Black
Miele KM5753 30″ Touch Control Induction Cooktop – 4 Cooking Zones, Booster Function, 9 Power Levels, Auto Heat-Up, Timer, Child Safety Lock and Sensor Controls

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP900DMBB 30 Induction Cooktop, 4 Induction Elements - Black
GE Profile CleanDesign 30″ Induction Cooktop – 4 Induction cooking zones, 3700 Watts, electronic Touch Controls, 19 Control Settings, Pan Presence/Size Sensors


36 inch induction cooktop reviews

If you want larger or more cooking surfaces

36 inch induction cooktops typically have 5 cooking zones or elements, one more than you will find in a 30 inch cooktop. They are suitable for large kitchen tops where space is not an issue, and will accommodate larger induction suitable cookwares. Reviews of the 36 inch cooktops indicate that apart from additional cooking zones, the functions you will find in them are similar to those available in 30 inch induction cooktops of the same brand.

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP960DMBB 36 Induction Cooktop, 5 Induction Elements- Black
GE Profile CleanDesign 36 Induction Cooktop. Powerful 3700 watts high setting. 5 induction elements. Detects presence and size of cookwares. Touch controls with 19 settings to suit a variety of cooking.

Fisher Paykel 36-inch 5-burner Induction Drop-in Cooktop Ci365dtb1
Fisher Paykel 36-inch 5-burner Induction Drop-in Cooktop – 5 cooking zones with powerful 3.7Kw PowerBoost. Spillage auto shut off to preven fire harzad, hot surface indicator on each burner.

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP960SMSS 36 Induction Cooktop - Black Surface, Stainless Steel Trim
GE Profile CleanDesign 36 Induction Cooktop – Stainless steel finish with glass ceramic top. 5 cooking zones. 19 control settings and touch controls. Cookware detection sensor.


Benefits of Induction cooking

And why you should start using one today

  • More energy efficient and cheaper to run: – It will cost you less in energy bill to run an induction cooktop. Induction cooking use 90% of the heat produced to cook your food unlike electric ranges that use 65% and Gas cookers that use about 55%.
  • Fast cooking:- The heat used in cooking is generated in the cook pans or pot and delivered directly to the food, leading to faster cooking time in induction cooking.
  • Cleaner and more environmentally friendly:-The flame in Gas cooktops, and red hot plates or elements in electrical cooktops heats the surrounding air that leads to wasted energy. The cooking surfaces of Induction cooktops remain cool and are easily wiped clean after cooking.
  • Safer cooking:- With no open flame or red hot elements, the risk of burns is greatly reduced while cooking. A good induction cooktop detects the presence of a cookware, and automatically switches off if there is no cookware on the surface, or when a cooking pot or pan is removed. This feature reduces fire hazards at homes.


How does induction cooking work?

The magic in induction cooktops explained

What I find most fascinating about the magic or should I say science of induction cookers is how fast and precisely they cook any meal without the flames you will find in traditional gas cookers, or the red hot elements or plates in electric cookers. The cooking surface of an induction cooker remains as if it is not producing any heat while your water is boiling or meal simmering in the cook pot.

And in what looks like magic lies the energy efficiency of the induction cooktops. The heat is generated in the cook tops or pans and transferred directly to the the content of your cookware.

The science behind how induction cooking works is in electromagnetism, if you still remember your early days physics lessons.

If you are geeky, this is for you. When you switch on an induction cooktop, the alternating current pass through hidden “elements” with advanced electronic located near the surface of the cooktop, producing a magnetic field. The electromagnetic field energizes the molecules of your magnetic cookware causing it to heat up while the cooking surface does not.

The more resistant a cookware the more heat is produced, or the stronger the magnetic field the more heat the cookware generates.

And here is the geeky maths on which induction cooking is based:

Q (heat) = Isqr (Current) x R (Resistance) x T (Time)

How to Quickly Test if Your Cookware is Induction Cooking Ready

Stick a magnet to the bottom of your cook pot or pan. if the magnet sticks, your cookware is induction ready.

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