Corner Shower Caddy – Great Space Saver in Bathrooms

simplehuman Adjustable Corner Shower Caddy Stainless Steel

Elegant Stainless Steel Corner Caddy

If you are looking for a practical and convenient storage to organize your bathroom toiletries, Corner Shower Caddy will maximize space in your shower and hold accessories within easy reach.

Soaps, makeup and shampoo bottles, sponges, razors, toothbrush/paste and most of your frequently used bathroom can be stored in a corner caddy so you have everything you need within reach when you step into a shower or bath.

The size of your shower cubicle is very important when choosing corner caddies. Buy one that is too big and you will feel squashed in your shower, and what is the use of a caddy that is too small and not offering enough storage for your bathroom accessories.

Shower Caddies are available in many designs from free standing to wall mounted, and are usually with either fixed of adjustable shelves. My preferences are for shower caddies that are made of rust free materials like chrome, stainless steel or plastic. I will imagine yours will be placed in a location where it will get wet regularly, so to avoid the nasty early appearance of rust on your corner shower caddy, choose the material wisely.

My Top 3 Best Corner Shower Caddies

A pick of variety of popular shower caddies

Corner Shower Caddies can be found in many materials depending on your choice, and the popular ones are in stainless steel, plastic, chrome and Teak hardwood. The best caddies in my opinion are those made of quality stainless steel or chrome. They are rust free, easy to clean, and add real shine to showers and baths.

Teak is a popular material used for wood shower caddies but you will find that a top rated teak shower caddy is generally more expensive than a caddy made of stainless steel, and much more expensive than those made of plastic.

You may also want to consider the pole or free standing corner caddies in my best seller selection.

simplehuman Adjustable Corner Shower Caddy Stainless Steel
Simplehuman Adjustable Corner Shower Caddy Stainless Steel. Slide shelves up or down for tall bottles.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Three Shelf Corner Caddy in Chrome Plate
Three Shelf Corner Caddy in Chrome Plate. Huge Storage and durable rust proof wire construction.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy White
Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy White. Ideal for organizing and storage in baths and showersCheck Today’s Price on Amazon


Corner Shower Caddies that will not Rust

There is nothing as ugly as a rusty shower caddy in a bathroom. Do you hold your bathroom accessories in one of these? Embarrassing, I will certainly throw it away!

To avoid a corner shower caddy that will not rust, buy one made of quality stainless steel, chrome, plastic, or even wooden material like teak. You may also consider brass corner shower caddy. Brass caddies may tarnish, especially because of regular contact with water, but you can always restore the shine in brass.

Check Today's Price on Amazon

Teak Wood Corner Shower Caddy, Shelf and Benches

Luxuriously transforms the look of your bathroom

Quality wood corner shower caddies are made from Teak for very good reasons. Teak is a tropical hardwood with natural oil and rubber composition that makes it very durable and rut free for outdoor and indoor furniture. And that is why teak is a suitable material for caddies and bathroom furniture that will regularly be in contact with water.

Teak wood is very hard and you will find it used for shower benches designed with shelves for storage. Teak caddies are in the luxury range, and can be quite expensive compared to some chrome or stainless steel corner shower caddies.

If you want to give yourself a treat, and enhance your bathroom decor, why not consider a teak corner shower caddy?

Freestanding Teak Curved Corner Shower Shelf with Pull Out Soap Dish
Freestanding Teak Wood Curved Corner Shower Shelf. Ideal for walk-in showers or as ashelf for bathroom.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Fully Assembled Solid Teak 3 Tier Corner Shelf- Ideal for Shower Bathroom Patio Deck
Solid Teak Bath 3 Shelf Corner Stand. Can be used to organize bathroom accessories inside or outside your bath.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Sold Teak Corner Suction Shower Shelf
Sold Teak Corner Suction Shower Shelf. Easy to fix with suction. Create as many storage shelves as you need.Check Today’s Price on Amazon


Tension Pole Corner Shower Caddies

Caddies you can adjust to fit showers of various heights

Tension Pole Corner Shower Caddies are very versatile, easily installed without tools and provide more storage with layers of shelves. If you use one in a shower cubicle and later decide it is better in a bathtub, you can move it in an instant.  And it will not pose any problem fixing the pole caddy in the new position even when the the floor to ceiling heights are different.

No tool or fixture is required as the pole is secured in place with tension springs within the pole. The length is adjusted to accommodate a range of floor to ceiling height.

Tucked in a corner of a bath or shower with several layers of shelves that usually comes with it, a pole corner caddy is a good choice for making the best use of storage space in your shower or bathtub.

simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy Stainless Steel
Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy Stainless Steel. Reinforced aluminum Pole. Fits ceiling heights 6-feet to 9-feet fully extended.Check Today’s Price on Amazon

OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Pole Caddy
OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Pole Caddy. Mount and adjust without removing pole. Extends from 5 ft to 9 ft for most showers and bathroomCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Zenith Products Pole Caddy Satin Nickel 4-Basket L Style
Zenith Products Pole Caddy Satin Nickel 4-Basket L Style. Deep basket for large items. 12-Inch wide by 97-Inch high by 8.63-Inch deepCheck Today’s Price on Amazon


Corner Shower Caddy with Mirror

Shower storage and shaving convenience in shower or bath

Zenith Premium Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy White

Zenith 5104W Premium Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy

Premium Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy with Mirror

You will not find many corner shower caddy with integrated mirror which is why I like this thoughtful design of Zenith Premium. As a Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy, it is versatile with sufficient shelf space arranged in layers to hold all you bathroom stuffs within easy reach.

The mirror is what I consider the icing on the cake feature that blokes like me will like. It makes it easy to walk into your shower cubicle, shave and groom with the mirror, then have your shower, apply your cream and step out ready to go.

Zenith Premium provides sufficient storage that will help you organize your soap, razors, sponges, brushes, bottles of your bathrooms essentials and much more. It is the ideal corner caddy if your shower is not particularly big and the space a caddy will occupy is a concern in making your buying decision.

Others features of the Zenith Premium Pole Corner Shower and Bath Caddy:

  • It will fits standard ceiling heights up to 8 ft 1 inches high
  • It is rust free with Enamel coated pole in white finish
  • No tool is required to fix the shower caddy
  • It has 4 extra large shelves that you can adjust to suit the height of your bottled items
  • Each shelves measures 2.25 x 13.25 x 9.25-inches

Check Today's Price on Amazon

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