Heated Pet Beds

Whoever first thought of a heated pet bed, what a great idea it is. It has become my dog’s favorite spot whenever the temperature takes a dip. It fascinates me to watch him coil up comfortably as soon as he steps into the bed. My first dog bed uses electricity to gently warm up, but… Continue Reading »

PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper

PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper is a tough one to beat if you really want to treat your pet to a heated bed that does more than keep your pet warm. Built with orthopaedic foam and line with ultra plush terrycloth, the bed radiates the right level of low soothing heat that keeps pets warm, cozy… Continue Reading »

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Keep paper towels within easy reach with magnetic holders that do not require tools to install. A magnetic paper towel holder can be attached to the sides of your fridge, stove, grill or any kitchen appliance with metal surface. Use it to free up space on your kitchen top, the traditional spot for rolls of… Continue Reading »

Adjustable Piano Bench For Adults and Children

Do you know what features to look for an adjustable piano bench that will give you a good seating posture? Keep reading to find out piano benches performing musicians and pianists use to achieve two important factors for a comfortable seating posture in front of a piano – height and distance. A good height and… Continue Reading »

Purple Tea Kettles

Purple tea kettles are very attractive and stand out on kitchen counter tops. Why buy any tea kettle when you can choose from many affordable kettles in your favorite purple color. They are available in encapsulated stainless steel that heats water quickly, or in classic durable ceramic construction. You can use them on gas or… Continue Reading »

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self Warming Pet Bed

Have you been putting off buying a heated bed for your dogs or cats? The K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed may just be the bed you have been waiting for. This heated bed will keep your pets comfortably warm whenever it is cold weather and does not use any electricity. It is fashionably designed… Continue Reading »

2 Burner Electric Cooktops

Portable cookers are so versatile in where you can use them, and no wonder you find the 2 burner electric cooktops in small office kitchens, student dorms, travelling caravan and even at home for emergencies and cooking outdoors. I find them safer to use than gas burners, and wherever there is electricity to plug them… Continue Reading »

kitchen Utensil Holder

kitchen Utensil Holder – Organize | Hold | Store Kitchen Tools. A kitchen that is well organized can make cooking more enjoyable, and might even lure someone like me that avoid the kitchen into having a go at cooking. I guess you are on this page because you are looking to add to your collection… Continue Reading »

2 Burner Gas Cooktops

The 2 Burner Gas Cooktop. For families, and indeed anyone concerned about limited space in the kitchen, portable cookers are efficient for cooking and offer great space saving. And you can even save more space and prepare your meal quicker if you opt for a 2 burner gas cooktop. Very portable and easy to setup… Continue Reading »

Electric Stove Burner Covers

Renew grubby, and rusty electric stove burners with covers that will give them a fresh look, and  brighten your cooker. Burner covers also stop greasy splatters on stove, making cleanup a lot easier after cooking. They are not expensive to purchase, so before rushing out to buy a new stove, try giving your stove burner… Continue Reading »