Stovetop Heat Diffuser

When placed over an electric or gas stovetop, a stove heat diffuser helps distribute heat evenly over the cookware, producing a more gentle low heat that not only helps protect your delicate, it slowly cooks your recipe to perfection. The diffuser adds a layer of protection between the bottom of your cookware and the burner,… Continue Reading »

K & H Thermo-Kitty Cuddle Up

K&H Thermo-Kitty Cuddle Up heated cat bed is excellent for keeping cats warm and cozy in cold weather. The circular wall design, plush cosy material and thermostat regulated temperature lock in heat at the right level to suit cats’ body temperature, keeping cats warm, comfy and cozy. Cats love cuddling up against the low circular… Continue Reading »

K & H Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

Cute, hooded, and fashionable with a cool Leopard theme design, the K&H Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed is a luxury heated cat bed that will keep your cat comfortably warm in cold weather. Lined with a base of thick premium pillow and temperature that is regulated by a dual thermostat, the cat bed radiates low… Continue Reading »

Wicker Laundry Baskets – Stylish Storage for Room Organization

Organize your laundry with a wicker laundry basket that will also enhance the look of your decor. A wicker basket adds natural beauty and good look to your home while helping you sort, store and hide your laundry from view. They are available in small and large sizes that you will find suitable for various… Continue Reading »

Black Laundry Baskets for Large and Small Spaces

Trying to keep your home tidy and neat can be very challenging without the right storage space, particularly if you live in any of the newly built houses designed like match boxes with hardly a space to spare. But this can easily be overcome by at least sorting, and organizing dirty clothing and linens with… Continue Reading »

Lime Green Kettles – Stylish and Decorative

The natural and bright color of a lime green kettle can add to the relaxing ritual of brewing a tasty tea or coffee. Choose from a selection of stylish designs that pop eyes, and stand out on kitchen counters. Lime green kettles are available in stove top or electric kettles that can boil hot water… Continue Reading »

Best Red Tea Kettles

Start your tea time with an invitingly bright and cheerful red tea kettle. Red is a bold color that sends strong message about your personality. So why not have it around you all the time in a red tea kettle that will also enhance your kitchen decor. Wouldn’t it be nice and soothing, anytime you… Continue Reading »

kitchen Canister Sets

  Kitchen Canister Sets – For Counter Tops | Dinner Tables | Food Storage Looking for Kitchen Canister Sets in a particular color, stainless steel, vintage, glass, tin, or ceramic? These arrays of canisters will save you time shopping around and help your buying decision. Over the ages, Canisters Sets have remained popular as an… Continue Reading »

Mission Style Entertainment Centers

Media centers don’t have to be dull and look like ordinary like the one in your neighbours living room. And that is why I have made these selections of Mission Style Entertainment Centers in contemporary style with huge storage that will add arts and crafts finish to your living room decor. These mission styled TV… Continue Reading »

Single Burner Propane Stove

A good single burner propane stove can make cooking less challenging when camping, hunting, traveling in caravans, or entertaining outdoors. Keep one at home as a backup cooker in case you ever have an emergency fault with your main cooker. Single burner gas stoves are very portable, come with powerful burner with adjustable flame control… Continue Reading »