Britax Advocate 70 CS – A Premium Infant Car Seat

Britax Advocate 70 CS is now discontinued and replaced with Advocate G4.1 at the time of this update. All links referring to Advocate 70 CS in this review will take you to the more recent G4.1 convertible car seat.

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Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat Reviews

It has been called the Ferrari of convertible car seats and Britax Advocate 70 CS certainly lives up to that reputation.  It retains all the child car seat safety and comfort features the Britax brand is popular for, and new safety technologies are added that are not available in any other Britax convertible car seats.

Parents in rave reviews have applauded the Side Impact Cushion features, and extra deep layered shock absorbing foam introduced in Advocate 70 CS. If you are looking for a re-assuring child car seat with advanced safety and comfort features that will delight you and your child, and if ever needed, deliver maximum protection for your child in a car crash; this convertible car seat will grab your attention.

But to ensure you are satisfied with the features, I have done a full review of the car seat. Read the rest of Britax Advocate 70 CS convertible car seat reviews below.

UPDATE =>> Britax Advocate G4.1 is a newer model in this range of Britax infant convertible car seat. It offers improved safety and comfort features for babies, and better value for money over the earlier models: Check Today's Price   Britax Advocate 70 CS Reviews Table of Contents (Jump ahead!)

  1. Child’s Safety Protection Facts About Side Impact Crash
  2. Child Age and Size
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Child’s Comfort
  5. Easy to Clean
  6. Size and Fit
  7. Other Features
  8. Consumer Reviews
  9. Pros & Cons
  10. Feature Summary in Video!

Britax Advocate 70 CS Child’s Safety Protection

Britax introduced progressively enhanced safety features in its convertible car seats starting from the lowest priced model the Roundabout 55 to this top of the range model, the Advocate 70 CS. The extra safety features are incremental in the sense that as you progress from the lower end convertible car seats, the enhanced features provide extra safety protection for your child.

The Advocate 70 CS has all the 360 degrees child safety protection features available in all Britax convertible car seats. The Safe Cell feature located at the base of the car seat will compress in a crash to lower your child’s centre of gravity, countering any forward motion of the car seat that may bring your child in contact with the vehicle parts and cause injury.

The integrated steel bar in the Advocate 70 CS firmly strengthens the car seat connection to your vehicle, and combined with the energy absorbing Versa Tether, forward motion that may cause injury to a child in a car crash is further reduced. Check Today's Price The Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator available only in the Advocate 70 CS and Boulevard 70 CS takes guess work away for parents when securing children in the car seat. The feature provides an audible sound indicating when a child is both safely and snugly secured with the harness. Britax Advocate 70 CS Side Impact Cushion

Side Impact or True Side Impact Protection is available in other models of Britax convertible car seats, but in addition to these, the Advocate 70 CS has a Side Impact Cushion Technology for superior child safety protection. The Side Impact Cushion is made of energy absorbing cushions located on both sides of the car seat and this new  feature will reduce side impact crash energy by 45% by diverting the forces in a crash away from the child.

This is a huge safety enhancement that is only available in the Advocate 70 CS. Working together as Britax 360 degrees child car seat safety protection system, the features  in the car seat will give your child maximum protection from crash injuries.

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Britax Advocate 70 CS Child Age and Weight Limit

Advocate 70 CS convertible car seat is suitable for children weighing 5 to 40 pounds in the rear facing position, and children from 1 year and 20 to 70 pounds in forward facing position. Britax Advocate 70 Fit Chart Children are safest in a rear-facing position during a crash as proven in many scientific researches.  The recommendation of American Academy of Paediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is to keep children rear facing as long as possible, up to 2 years depending on the growth rate of a child.

The 70 pounds high capacity of the Advocate 70 CS allows you to use the same car seat for a child for many years, saving you the cost of investing in another car seat.

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Britax Advocate 70 CS Ease of Use

The LATCH system, with its Premium lower LATCH connectors available in all Britax convertible car seats makes it very quick and easy to install the car seat.  It takes away any guesswork when installing the ADVOCATE 70 CS. Built-in lock-offs with easy access, allows you to firmly secure the car seat using the vehicle’s shoulder and lap straps, and uninstalling the car seat is a breeze with a push button that unhooks it from the connectors. The harness in a car seat if not fitted properly is a major source of discomfort for children.

The car seat is equipped with a harness system you can quickly adjust, allowing you to set a comfortable and secure harness height for your child without removing the car seat. Tangle free straps are kept out of the way in holders, giving you unobstructed access when securing your child.

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Britax Advocate 70 CS Child’s Comfort

The car seat can be reclined in rear and forward facing positions to achieve the most suitable seating angle for your child.  With deeply padded high density comfort foam, plush seat cover and belly pad, Britax Advocate 70 CS is highly equipped to keep your child cosy and quiet while you enjoy your driving.

The buckle and harness are easily adjusted to keep your child firmly secure and yet snugly seated, and for smaller infants, there is an optional positioning insert that can be purchased to suit the size of the infants. As the pinnacle of Britax convertible car seats, the Advocate 70 CS is packed full of safety and comfort features that will delight parents and children.

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Easy Cleaning with Britax Advocate 70 CS

Another great feature of Britax Advocate 70 CS convertible car seat is the plush seat cover that can be removed easily for cleaning without dismantling the car seat. And this feature by the way is available in all Britax convertible car seats. Though it is designed for easy installation, imagine having to uninstall, move, clean and re-install the car seat each time your child made a bit of a mess! What a time saving feature when it comes to cleaning the car seat.

The Advocate 70 CS car seat cover is best looked after either by spot cleaning, or hand washing with cold, mild soapy water and line dried. That is what Britax recommends. Machine drying is not recommended as the heat is likely to shrink the fabric of the car seat cover. Britax also recommends cleaning the harness and shell of the car seat with a sponge in mild soapy water, and drying with a towel. Bleaching, tumble drying or ironing is definitely a Do Not with Britax convertible car seat covers.

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Size and Fit

Britax  Advocate 70 CS is certainly not a compact convertible car seat, and the Side Impact Cushion Technology found only in the Advocate adds extra bulkiness to the car seat.  The car seat measures 22 x 26 x 21 inches, and weighs 21.6 pounds. As indicated in the fit chart, it is recommended for a minimum child’s weight of 5 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 70 pounds. Check Today's Price (Back to Top)

Other Features

  • Side Impact Cushion Technology for added safety – only available in the Advocate 70 CS
  • Click & Safe® Snug Harness Indicator with audible sound to let you know when harness is within appropriate snugness for your child.
  • Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS™) that  provides resistance to forward movement that may cause injury to a child during a crash.
  • Two Buckle Positions that allows your child to be easily adjusted in the car seat as they grow.
  • Built-in Lock-Offs that ensure a snug lap and shoulder belt installation with minimal effort
  • Anti-Slip, Contoured Base that firmly grips but protects the vehicle seat.
  • Convenient Harness Holders that  keep harness straps out of the way when placing your child in the car seat.
  • The Advocate 70 CS like all Britax convertible car seat is Certified for Aircraft Travel. Check with your airline though that they can use child car seats.  Most airlines in USA and Canada will carry and use child car seats.

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Britax Advocate 70 CS Consumer Reviews

The popularity of the Advocate 70 CS is evident in the rave consumer reviews of the product on Amazon. Parents that have used so many other convertible car seats and finally purchased the Advocate 70 CS were extremely pleased with the child safety and comfort features Britax has engineered into the car seat. Here are some of the comments from satisfied real consumers on Amazon:

“…We now have two Britax Advocate 70 CS’s and, if we could go back, would only have ever purchased these …”

“…This car seat is hands down the BEST forward facing car seat I have owned. I have a 4 year old son and a 14 month old daughter. I have been through a ton of car seats trying to find that perfect one for my son …”

“…As for ‘pros’, it’s built like a tank. It’s comfortable. It is easy to adjust for our son. It has a fabric cover than can be easily removed without removing the seat …”

Average Amazon Consumer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Amazon has the best online deals on Britax Advocate 70 CS and will ship the car seat for free which makes it even cheaper than other stores.

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Pros & Cons

Pros: Side Impact Cushion offers extra protection for your child, and is only available on Advocate 70 CS Tick GoodEasy installation with the LATCH system Deep layered comfort form that wraps and protect children in comfort Tick GoodVery easy to clean

Cons Cross out It will not surprise you, but the main issue consumers have with Advocate 70 CS is the price. It is the most expensive of Britax range of convertible car seats.  However, if you shop smartly online particular on Amazon, there are daily deals that will significantly reduce the price you would normally pay for the car seat.

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Britax Advocate Car Seat Video Review

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Compare Britax Advocate 70 and G4 Convertible Infant Car Seats

The Advocate G4 is a newer model in the range of Britax child car seat. It has improved safety features for babies, and is more comfortable than earlier models – the 70 CS.

The G4 is offers better value for money, and teh price on online stores like Amazon is very close to what you will spend on the older Advocate CS 70 of G3 Britax Advocate G4 Convertible Car Seat OnyxBritax Advocate G4 Convertible Car Seat Onyx – Newer ModelpriceBritax Advocate 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat Opus GrayBritax Advocate 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat Opus GraypriceBritax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat ZebraBritax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat Zebra – Oldest Modelprice

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