Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym

Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari CelebrationIt is well researched, and proven that stimulating and bonding at play times with babies, help a lot in healthy development of their senses.

Using a good playmat like the Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration from birth has great benefits in this early growth. I bet you were told some of these, and more in your antenatal classes.

Some of us, learn about such things but never put them to practice. So good on you for researching a good playmat for your little one.

Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration is colorful, with plush bird toy, engaging flower mirror and melodies that will keep your baby exploring, giggling and smiling.

The playmat is packed with activities for babies that are designed to engage and occupy your baby with play.  And it is even more fun, when you join in to tickle and laugh with your baby.

The canopy can be removed to create more space for your bay to roll about, and when it is teething time, there is a water filled teether to help. Bright Starts Activity Gym has other great features designed to help in developing the senses in your growing baby.

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Features and Benefits of Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration

Why moms and babies love it

Babies are happiest when they are playing and activity playmats are excellent spots for babies to explore and develop. Playmats also give moms the opportunity to get free times for themselves while their baby is happily rolling and discovering stuffs on the playmat. You will find the following features on the playmat:

  • Made of plush soft material that is gentle to babies’s skin as they roll around on the playmat
  • The playmat has an over sized flower shaped mirror for your baby self discovery
  • Has 4 engaging fun melodies that can be activated by baby or parents
  • A rattle that is shaped like a heart, and flower shaped chaser to keep your baby giggling with laughter
  • The playmat has a water filled, and a Lion shaped teethers to help when your baby starts teething
  • Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym is a good size, measuring 30 x 30 x 18 inches

How Much Should you Pay for the Playmat?

And where to get some a good deal

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for – do you believe that? I don’t, because I shop around and get the best bang for my money. Quality playmat like this Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym will not cost you a great deal if you know how to shop smartly online.

Forget the retail stores in the mall, the best deals on the playmat  are available online, and delivered to you with free shipping.

Amazon is my one of my favorite when I go looking for a good deal. As I was writing my review of the Bright Starts Petals and Friends, I jumped over to check the price on Amazon, and what do I find? A 36% discount on the playmat, not bad for a good deal.

With a list price of $34.99, the activity gym was selling for just under $23 with free shipping thrown in. That is what I call a good deal. If you hop over to Amazon, you may bag yourself some bargain on the Bright Starts Petals and Friends.

Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration
Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration

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What do Parent think about Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration?

Ratings from Parents and Care Givers

This playmat for babies has a lot of favorable reviews from parents that have purchased the playmat for their babies. Moms and dads love the playmat and gave it a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars on Amazon.

Colorful, value for money, engaging, are how some parents have described Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration.  And here are more comments from parents:

  • The toys are easy to re-arrange or remove altogether to use only the mat
  • The mat is soft and silky and we love the colors, a mom commented
  • Another mom remarked that the toys keep her baby engaged and smiling, instead of wiggling around so much
  • Some parents found that the musical bird stopped working too soon, but was quickly replaced without any cost
  • Playmats can be very pricey.. but not this one, a mom observed. Serves the same as expensive activity mats for babies, she added

This is a playmat that has put so much smiles on babies and their parents, adding quality playtime in families, and helping mom and dads bond well with their newborns.

Overall, parents like the Bright Starts Activity Gym Safari Celebration, and would recommend it to other moms and dads.

If you have any question about this review, please leave a comment below and I will reply. You may also have other thoughts to share, your comments are welcome.

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