2 Burner Electric Cooktops

Waring Pro Countertop Portable Burner

Waring Pro – Top rated 2-burner electric Countertop

Portable cookers are so versatile in where you can use them, and no wonder you find the 2 burner electric cooktops in small office kitchens, student dorms, travelling caravan and even at home for emergencies and cooking outdoors.

I find them safer to use than gas burners, and wherever there is electricity to plug them in, you can be sure to get your meal cooked real quick.

Many portable electric stoves have fast and powerful heating elements or plates, and can be up to 1500 watts capacity or more, which is suitable for cooking large family meals. The temperature controls are either manual, or touch sensitive in more sophisticated brands.

Variable heating control is a common feature in all electric cooktops, and portable two burners have this too. The more power you have in an electric cooktop with adjustable thermostat , the wider range of cooking temperature available to suite the variety of meals you will be cooking.

You will be surprised at how quickly elements in a 2 burner portable cooker heats up, distributing heat evenly on your cookware and cooking your meal very nicely.

I like to prepare my meals as quickly as I can, and a two burner cooktop gives me that advantage over a one burner electric cooktop. When my favorite rice meal simmering on burner, stew to go with the rice is getting ready on the other burner. It is fun to time my cooking, and get meals that go together ready for the dinner table at the same time. I will not be able to do this without my 2 burner electric cooktop.

Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktops

Popular with online buyers

Whether you are shopping for an affordable two burner electric cooktop for your kitchen at home, or dorm if you are student, a good choice is one that will cook your meal quickly, is easy to clean and will take up very little space on your table or kitchen top.

These are some of the popular and best selling 2 burner electric cooktops online with very favorable customer reviews.

Waring Portable Burner
Waring Portable Burner. Two Heavy duty fast heating electric burner plates, 1300 watt large, 500 watt smaller plate. Made od staniless steel housing and non slip rubber feet for firm grip on your kitchen top.

Black & Decker DB1002B Double-Burner Portable Buffet Range
Black & Decker DB1002B. Portable light weight double electric cooktop suitable for large or small family meals. Features coil burners that distribute heat evenly for better cooking results. Measures 11.42 by 22.76 by 5.43-inch

Aroma Hot Plates
Aroma Hot Plates. Stylish and durable 2 burner electric cooktop. Portable with a large heating element of 7 1/2″ and a smaller 6 1/2″. Sepeate variable temperature controls. Very compact and can be placed or stored in small spaces.

Kalorik DKP-21898 1400-Watt Portable Chrome Double Burner with 2 Cast-Iron Cooking Plates
Kalorik 1400-Watt. High precision temperature controls and durable solid cast iron heating elements provide even heat distrition for fast and efficient cooking. Very portable and ideal for homes, doms, outdoors and traveling.

Oster CKSTBUDS00 Inspire Double Burner, Stainless Steel
Oster CKSTBUDS00 Inspire Double Burner. 2 solid 1500 watts disk heating elements with independent temperatures controls. Heats up quickly and cooks evenly.Great for vacation and entertaining and can be very useful at homes and doms.

Better Chef Buffet Burner Table Top Dual
Better Chef Buffet Burner. Table top 1500 watts 2 burner electic cooktop with self cleaning cold heating plates. Seperate temperature controls. Includes a safety off and on switch. Highly portable and will be great for small spaces in kitchens, dorms or holidays.


Black 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

A stove to compliment most kitchen decor

Aroma Hot PlatesAroma 2 Burner Hot Plates – Black

The choice of a black portable electric cooktop is one that will appeal to many people. My sister has one in her kitchen for whipping up quick meals and entertaining outdoor, and seating stylishly at a corner, the black color compliments most of her kitchen decor.

This black Aroma 2 Burner Eletric Hot Plate ticks most of the qualities of a quality portable cooktop. Made of durable, easy to clean die-cast metal, it has sepertate controls with full range of variable temperature thermostat. Features a non skid feet that hold firmly on kitchen or table tops. Measures 10-2/5 by 14-2/7 by 3-1/2 inches.




Very Portable 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

Cooktops to fit even even smaller spaces

Brentwood Electric Twin Burner Model TS-368Brentwood Electric Twin Burner Model TS-368

Small yet packs 1500w two Burner Electic Hotplates that heats up fast to get your meal cooked in quickly.

Slightly smaller than the everage 2 burner cooktop, Brentwood TS-368 will suite many people that will use a portable cooktop in small spaces like doms, small kitchen counters or traveling vans.

Features regulated variable temperature controls and automatic safety shut-off.



Best 110 Volt 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

Uses the same power source as any USA household appliance

The Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner, as all other electric Cooktops in my review uses 110V which is the standard USA power. With a large 1300 watt plate, and a smaller 500 watt, the DB60 is a versatile cooktop that will accommodate cookwares for large family meals, and will also fit small pots for single meals.


Tips for a Good Portable 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

The power in an electric cooker is measured  in the Wattage. Choose brand or model with at least 1300 watts rated burner, and variable temperature controls to deliver the right amount of heat required to cook your food. Look for automatic power shut-off for safety if you leave your portable cooktop unattended. Easy to clean body like stainless steel is a nice feature to have.



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